"The Story of My Life" by Bertha May Neisinger Dick"

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2. "Acknowledgements and dedication" 31. "The Butler Place"
3. "Table of contents: Pgs 1 to 60" 32. "Little Bert"
4. "Table of contents: Pgs 61 to 104" 33. "The Rat and my nose"
5. "Holly Hobby picture" 34. "Big Boy Glenn"
6. "I'm Coming Really" 35. "Bare Feet, Rusty Nails and Stubbed Toes"
7. "My First Train Ride" 36. "The exploding Lantern"
8. "Mamma" 37. "Fun with Home-made toys"
9. "Mamma Continued"
10. "Daddy" 38. "More Jump rope diddies"
12. "Mamma and Daddy- picture" 39. "Measles
13. "The Big Long Porch" 40. "Girls and Giggles" AND "Christmas was Special"
14. "Bedsteads and my 'Broken Leg'" 41. "Womp, Oh My head"
14. "Andrew Melvin" 42. "One Dollar from Grandpa"
15. "One Huge Mean Bull" 43. "Daddy's Home" AND "Can I Go Daddy?"
16. "At the James's House" 44. "Mamma Washed Out His Mouth With Soap"
17. "Our House near Cashmere" 46. "Look Out -- The Tub"
18. "Mervin Missed His Bus" 47. "Washing Dishes Without a Sink"
19. "The Lard Bucket" 48. "Sure and I'd be ashamed of meself"
20. "Chicken Pox" 49. "Mysterious Goings On"
21. "Receipts" 50. "The Pitchfork and the Haystack"
22. "Over the Hill" AND "Our New Baby Sister" 51. "The Brush fire"
23. "Frankie And The Campfire" 52. "Mean old Mr. Rooster"
24. "So Neisinger Is My Name">/a> 53. "The Radio"
25. "The McCarthy place" 54. "My Doll's Voice Was gone"
26. "The Mad Dog" 55. "The Stolen Necklace"
27. "The Burning Trash Pile" AND "The Wings" 56. "Walking in the Park"
28. "Our Des Moines House" 57. "Blackberries"
29. "School at Last" 58. "Learning To Ride Our Bike"
30. "The Burning Car" 59. "Fishing in the Creek"
60. "Fourth of July Picnics at the Park"

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