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61. "Uncle Clarence" 95. "Making Money"
62. "Walk On The Bridge Rail" 96. "The Quilting Club"
63. "The Cat In The Can" 97. "My Friend Helen"
64. "King Of Our Yard" 98. "Walking Home In The Dark"
65. "Look His Finger" 99. "Richard's Old Nags"
66. "Up Roosevelt Hill" 100. "Tardy Only Once"
67. "My First New Dress" 101. "Upper Classmen Now (Continued)"
68. "Daddy's Cows" 102. "Upper Classmen Now (Continued)"
69. "Daddy's Beautiful Heifer Calf" 103. "Upper Classmen Now (Continued)"
70. "The Borrowed Horses" 104. "Mr. and Mrs. Donald Dick"
71. "The Old Hay truck"
72. "Accident In The Hay Truck"
73. "The Old Spinning Wheel"
74. "Off To Bender's House" AND "The Accident"
75. "Sprained Ankle"
76. "The Apartment House Fire" AND "The Company Picnic"
77. "Richard's Roadster"
78. "The Old Stove"
79. "Songs I Remember From My Childhood Days"
80. "(Songs cont'd: "Babes In The Woods", "Little Sir Echo" & "Playmate"
81. "(Songs cont'd: "Down By the Old Mill Stream" & "School Days""
82. "(Songs contd: "The Preacher and the Bear" Pg 1)"
83. "(Songs contd: "The Preacher and the Bear" Pg 2)"
84. "Pictures of The Bisbee Place"
85. "The Bisbee Place"
86. "The Family Clock" AND "Daddy's feisty Heifer"
87. "The New House"
88. "Picnics And mosquitos" AND "What's Wong With The Dog"
89. "My Infected Thumb"
90. "Upper Classmen Now"
91. "Pickles In The Crock"
92. "Cousin Geneva's Baby"
93. "The Car Rolled Backwards" AND "Cards And Smoking"
94. "Piano Lessons"
"The Story of our Childhood"
by the children of Bertha Dick

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