The Story of Our Childhood
by the Children of
Donald Graham Dick and Bertha May Neisinger Dick"
A Christmas Play                     Shirley, by One of our Christmas Trees,
A Christmas Play                                                    
Top: Sharon; Bottom: Judie, Jeanie, Eileen
                          One of Our Christmas Trees


                    I always loved Christmas growing up but it wasn’t because of all of the presents as one might think it would be for a child. I loved the Christmas plays we did every year.

                    We did the Christmas story itself usually but one year we did "Amahl and the Night Visitors". It was so much fun to do. Shirley would write the "script" and we each had our own parts and responsibilities. We had a program and costumes and props. We even made a curtain with a rope and blanket. Mom and Dad were our audience and seemed to enjoy our production as much as we enjoyed putting it on.

                    It always made Christmas such a special time.

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