The Story of Our Childhood
by the Children of
Donald Graham Dick and Bertha May Neisinger Dick"
6 of 7 Family Christmas Card
6 of 7 Family Christmas Card


      Our family always enjoyed the wonderful experiences of family getting together, lots of special food, playing games, putting puzzles together and a decorated tree, but I can't think of Christmas in our house without remembering the whole family sitting down before we opened our presents to each other to read the Christmas story from the Bible. After Daddy read of Jesus' birth, we prayed together, thanking God for His blessings not just under the tree but for His goodness all year long. The way I remember it, we started with the youngest and ended up with Daddy praying last. Sometimes, we cried together, too. It was always a very sensitive time for me, one that has deepened my love for each one in my family and my love for God. We may not have had a lot of presents or expensive gifts under the tree, but I knew my parents loved each of us so much and I was touched by God's love and care for us, too.

One Christmas

      Christmas is still my favorite time of year. My family will tell you that I still often cry at Christmas. I think it all goes back to my childhood experiences in our home. Love has a way of touching one's heart right to the core. It's a good thing.

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