(Just some IDEAS to hoping to spark memories)
The Stump, Huckleberry Bush and Playing in our Yard Youth for Christ and our Quiz Team
. Going to Grandma & Grandpa Dick's house in Shelton Doll & Football Cakes & Homemade Bread
Stanley and his Antique Cars Going to Grandma & Grandpa Neisinger's house in Snohomish
GLENDAWN The Christmas gift Burglary
Trip to Entiat for Daddy's 25th High School Reunion "The Garden"
Babysitting Our Good Friends: The Temples, The Kauffmans,
and the Henrys
Waving to President Eisenhower Our Bike
Singing at the "Union Gospel Mission" Getting sick on the Camping trip down to see Shirley graduate from college
"Sports Participation" "Watching Sports"
"Cousins" "Aunts and Uncles"
"Schools" "Presenting our own "Plays" at home"
"Wifey" "Songs Mother taught us
like "Say Hello to Mother
She knows how much I love her
and tell her not to wait for me
I won't be coming home....""
"Shirley, May Dick come out and play?
Taking Care of Little Jeanie"
"Home-baked bread on Thursdays" ""
"Spudato Girl" "Daddy's can milk,Jam&milk dessert"
"Daddy made pudding" "Drying hair in the fan of Oil Stove"
"Jeanie on Fire" "Jimmy & sports"
"Fun songs we sang" "Getting a box of used clothes"

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