The Story of Our Childhood
by the Children of
Donald Graham Dick and Bertha May Neisinger Dick"
                                                Sharon, Third Grade                                             
               Sharon, Third Grade
""Grandma" and "Grandpa" Moore
Well, they weren't REALLY our grandparents, but they were sweet and wonderful friends and we loved to go and visit with them. They lived in a three story house (basement, main floor, and upstairs) that seemed like a mansion to us. 
"Grandma " Moore loved children and always had cookies ready whenever we paid them a visit, which was pretty often.  "Grandpa" Moore was fairly quiet most of the time but he was so busy. You see,  "Grandma" Moore was almost totally blind.  She could get around pretty well in her own house and she knew her kitchen well and could cook and bake very well.  But he pretty much had to do everything else. They had two children of their own: Verlan and Alice but they didn't seem like children to us. They were practically as old as our parents. Alice was almost as blind as "Grandma".
Years later, when Grandma and Grandpa Moore died, our family "inherited" a cherished heirloom from them: Our beautiful Round Dining Room table!
I always think of them when I see that beautiful table.
Grandma Moore's Table
"Grandma Moore's table"

"Old Bridges"
Old First Avenue South Bridge             Lucille Street Bridge
"Old First Ave Bridge"            "Old Wooden Lucille Street Bridge"
They lived near Cleveland High School on the hill above Georgetown and when we went to visit them, we drove up the crickety old Lucille Street wooden bridge. As our Old Packard trundled slowly over that ancient bridge, you could hear the big planks move with the weight. It was scarey but fun at the same time. The city has long since replaced that bridge because it was so dangerous.
And speaking of bridges, another bridge that we had to cross when we went from our house on 8th Avenue to "Grandma" Moore's house, was the old First Ave South Bridge.  It was really different!  Instead of the bridge deck splitting in half and raising to let the boats pass, it rotated on some type of base out in the middle of the Duwammish River to let the vessels go on either side!
"Old Churches"
While we lived in Georgetown, we went to the same church as the Moores did, The Georgetown Presbyterian Church. It was a beautiful old building. But I don't remember any thing else about that church because I was pretty young.
After we moved to 641 SW 124th Street, we started going to Mt. View Presbyterian Church and went there until just before Jimmy was born.  Rev. Springer was our Pastor. It was there that we met Marguerita Sandilands. She was a missionary and became a very great friend of our family for many many years.
I have many many fond memories of that church family.  There is where we girls started going to Pioneer Girls. I remember that the Pioneer Girls had this thing called "PALS and GALS" where a lady of the church would be matched up with one of the Pioneer Girls and do things with her.  My Pal was Mrs. Gay.
She took me many places. One day she told me we were going to go and see a movie.  Now as you know, our family wasn't allowed to go to movies so I told her that. She said it would be okay because it was a Christian movie: "The Ten Commandments".  I told her that Daddy said movies and movie people were evil and we were NOT supposed to go.  She told me not to worry, that Daddy didn't mean CHRISTIAN movies, she assured me everything was okay and she would tell him all about it. 
So I went to my first movie.  It was pretty spectacular!  But I got in trouble when she took me home.
Daddy was pretty upset with Mrs. Gay and they had quite a heated discussion about it.
We also had some other great friends that went to Mt. View:  The Linds, Lambs, and Graebers.  But maybe I can tell some of those stories later.

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