The Story of Our Childhood
by the Children of
Donald Graham Dick and Bertha May Neisinger Dick"
Donald & Bertha Dick's Children,
& Great Grandchildren

Shirley (1943) and George Weber

            Lori and David Sherson

Jay Sherson

Kayli Sherson

Erin Sherson

Jordan Sherson

Tami and Josh Cernetic

George and Stacy Weber


Sharon  (1946) and Bryan Hoff

Jeffrey (Jeff) Bravo

Janice and Tom Williams

T.C. Williams

Jessica Williams


Judith (Judie) (1948) and Roger Temple

Jimmie and Chris Temple

Kevin Temple

Beth and Karl Greenhalgh

Carlie Greenhalgh


Jeanie (1951) and Ken Kauffman

Trisha Kauffman and Jerry Gonzales

Dylan Lindsey

Jesse Kauffman

Tobias (Tobi) Hughes

Sean Kauffman

Angela (Angi) and Gordon Strupp

Alexis Renee’ Strupp

Alex Kauffman

Derek Kauffman


Eileen (1952) and Jim Saemenes

Larissa Saemenes

Trinette and Karl Ward

Kathryn (Katy) Ward

Hunter Ward

Andrew Ward

Deanna Saemenes

Nicolas (Nick) Saemenes (& fiance) Jessye Anderson

Linnaea Saemenes


Jimmy (1957) and Pam Dick                         

(Jimmy’s boys)             ( Pam’s children & grandchild)                                                                                  

Nathan Dick                             Niehl and Denise Brady

Andrew Dick                         Lily Brady

Mikael Dick                             Mindy Brady

Dale Dick


Robert (Robbie) (1963) Dick

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