The Story of Our Childhood
by the Children of
Donald Graham Dick and Bertha May Neisinger Dick"
BURGLAR                     A CHRISTMAS TREE
BURGLAR                           A CHRISTMAS TREE

            In December of 1973, we had quite a scary time. Our house was burglarized!  The burglary happened on the night of a school Christmas program at Puget Sound Junior High.  As we walked in the door, someone ran out the back door.

            The burglar had thrown a big rock through the back door window to get in.  The rock put a mark on the beautiful kitchen cabinet door that Dad had just finished.  The house was still warm and the door wide open, so we knew we had just missed, and perhaps interrupted the burglar! !

            Our Christmas tree was pulled over onto it’s side.  All of the presents that had been under the tree were missing, but nothing else had been taken.

            We also found a present that had been dropped on the sidewalk outside the bathroom.  The only presents that were missing were homemade, and worthless to anyone other than our family as I recall.

          All of the stolen gifts were from Sharon, who had come over earlier in the week to drop them off.  She had made all home-made gifts that year.  She told us that she had spent months making slippers, pillow cases and other things and monogrammed each one with our initials.  Sharon said she would probably never go to all that work again.

            So far, there had been only one gift (other than Sharon’s) put under the tree. That was the one that was dropped. I seem to recall that it was a leather-covered key-chain for Dad.
    As frightening as it was to be burglarized, we all had a good chuckle over the worthlessness of the burglar’s “take”

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