AT 641 SW 124TH ST.

641 SW 124th Street
"The Story of the Building of our House at
641 SW 124th Street"
Daddy the house builder
"Daddy the 'House Builder' working
in his new workroom in the basement"
Putting on the Floor of the new addition
"Putting on the Floor of the NEW addition"
(Jeanie, and the "Feathers" family)
The Dining and Living Room addition
"Daddy added on 10' to enlarge the Dining
and Living Room"
The NEW addition progresses
"The NEW addition progresses"
Eileen & Nancy Dick 1958
"Eileen & Nancy Dick in 1958, Standing in the cavity created when Daddy cut out the old foundation to dig a basement under the original house"


Beginning the foundation for the new addition
"Beginning the Foundation for the NEW addition"

"Our New Front Door"
Bed in living room
"For awhile we had a bed in the living room This was Sharon's "room" and Shirley had her own room in the new addition. To get to Shirley's room we had to crawl across a 2X12 over the unfinished stairwell to the new basement"
Eileen&Jeanie in THE Bed
"THE bed, where we slept 3 at a time. This is Eileen and Jeanie"

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